PC/104-Plus veya PCI-104 8-Port RS-232 Haberleşme Kartları

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  • The P104-COM232-8 (PC/104-Plus) and 104I-COM232-8 (PCI-104) are PC/104-based eight channel RS-232 communication peripherals. Based on the XR17D158, the boards have eight enhanced 16550 UARTs, each with a set of modem signals (CTS, RTS, RI, DTR, DSR, CD). A 460Kb/s rate is guaranteed for all channels with up to 3K Ohm 1000pF loads. All interrupts may be monitored at a 32-bit status register. Each UART has both a 64 byte transmit and a 64 byte receive FIFO.

    The typical quiescent current draw from the user's 5V supply is less than 60mA (with P1 and P2 disconnected). If every transmitter line is loaded with 3K Ohm, current draw should still be less than 150mA.

    Linux drivers and sample programs are supplied with the card.


    The provided Windows drivers are 100% compatible with the normal Microsoft-provided Serial Application Programming Interface. This means every program you've ever used with a standard serial port in Windows will also work with these ports, no problem. In addition, we provide several utility and sample programs to help you write your own code, if you're not using something off-the-shelf.

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