LCB20, Load Cell Amplifier ve Sayısallaştırıcı PCB

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    • PCB version
    • Simple auto calibration
    • 5V Excitation supporting up to 10 x Load Cells (350 R)
    • 0.5 to to 7.8 mV/V sensitivity
    • 6 wire input to compensate for barrier and cable losses
    • Full digital set-up and calibration using keypad or PC
    • Fully isolated analogue outputs 4-20mA & 0-10V
    • 10 pt linearization
    • Three x configurable digital inputs
    • Relay outputs:2 Setpoints SPCO
    • RS485 RS232 digital data output for communications and printing
    • PCB (LCB20 shown in main photo) options include various cases with or without DIN rail mounting (shown in photos on left)
    • The LCB20 also has the option of a stainless steel case

    Product order options

    Please read the following before selecting the options for this product:

    LCB20 Standard Instrument with 4-20 mA/0-10 V Analogue Outputs. Signed 15 Bit 100mS update, without case.

    Starting with the base model LCB20 select the options that you need to configure the device to meet your needs.

    Base UnitCode
    LCB20 PCB Board (only)LCB20
    RS485/232 Communications (supports MODBUS RTU, ASCII, MANTRABUS 1 & MANTRABUS 2)LC4
    Relay OutputCode
    Relay Output Module 2 Set Points (2 x SPCO 5A 240V AC )LR1
    Power SuppliesCode
    AC Power Supply 110/120V, or 220/230V ACLS1
    DC Power Supply 9-32V DCLS3
    On Board ProgrammerLP1
    Remote Hand Held ProgrammerLP2
    Mounting EnclosureCode
    ABS Case with plain ABS LidLAB
    Stainless Steel IP65 Case 220 x 160 x 90mmLSS
    Die Cast IP65 Case 220 x 120 x 80mmLDC
    DIN Rail Mounting FixtureD2
    Extended MountingCode
    Transparent Plastic Case LidLTL
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