Flat-membrane pressure transmitter - VP7

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    The VP7 series flat-membrane pressure transducer/transmitter, which connector and housings are made of stainless steel, has strong corrosion resistance and long-term stability. Sensors in a wide temperature range has temperature compensation, which ensure the technical parameters in well. Variety of connector types and wiring modes, can be the maximum to meet the customer requirement. Widely used in the field of viscous liquid test and control such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other health industries, and painting, dyestuff, coating, spraying equipment and other decoration industries, and washing, paper making, mud, asphalt and other industries.

    HART protocol and RS485 Serial Communication broad are optional. And Option to match the measurement & control instruments or circuit module made by our company.




    Katalog / Data Sheet (PDF Link)


    Pressure range

    -0.1 to 200MPa


    ±0.1%FS, ±0.25%FS, ±0.5%FS,±1.0%FS optional

    Power supply

    Transducer: +5~12Vdc; 
    Transmitter: +24Vdc, +12Vdc, +5Vdc


    0/0.5/1.0-4.0/4.5/5.0V(3 wires), 4-20mA(2 or 3 wires)

    loading Capacity(Transmitter)

    Current output model 500Ω; Voltage output model 100kΩ

    zero temp. coefficient


    FS temp. coefficient


    Compensation temperature


    Operation temperature

    -20~75 85%RH

    Storage temperature

    -40~85 95%RH

    Safe overpressure


    limit overpressure


    Temperature drift


    Long-term stability



    316L Stainless steel

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